What are VAST and VPAID?

VPAID and VAST are uniform industry solutions which aim to standardize the way your website, player or service interacts with video advertising.

More specifically, VAST and VPAID govern the interplay between your video player, the video content, and the ad server that serves ads into your player.

VAST and VPAID Definitions

VAST Definition

VPAID Definition

Video Ad Serving Template

An industry standard that prescribes how an ad server responds with a video playlist. This template defines the online location (URL) of your video content and other metadata for your player.

Video Player Ad Interface Definition

An industry standard, in a form of API, that defines how a player controls

video content that has been received from an ad server. This API instructs the video when to play, pause, expand, and perform other actions, etc.

How do VAST and VPAID Work?

The following diagram and description explain how VAST and VPAID affect the interaction between your player and your defined ad server.

How the process above works:

  1. Your player is configured to send server.out a VAST ad request to a selected Ad
  2. The Ad server responds with an ad for you player in a VAST compliant format.
  3. Your player interprets the Ad using the VAST standard.
  4. Your player can be configured to control the Ad interaction using the VPAID standard (for example: Ad Overlays).

Related Resources

To learn more about VAST and VPAID please see the following IAB guidelines:

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