What Does the Max Ads Field Do?

What is the Max Ads Field?

The Max (maximum) ads field allows you to limit the amount of advertisements that will be played in single player loaded session. This filed is intended to improve the user experience of your viewers by allowing them to view only a limited number of ads.

Maximum Ads Logic

The following diagram explains how the Max ads field operates. In this example we can see that we have a single content video configured with 3 Ad opportunities; one Pre-roll and two Mid-rolls. The Max ads field has been set to 10, meaning that if the player succeeds in running 10 ads during all three ad opportunities, any additional ads will be blocked. The ad instances highlighted in orange are ads that have been run successfully, while the ad instances in blue have been blocked by the Max ads limit.

This is example is very sterile in relation to real player scenarios, but it explains the Max ads limit field best. In many real player cases some ads will not actually load due to ad server response issues, and therefore the count to the ad limit will very.


  • Pre-rolls are defined using the interleave field. For further details please see What does the Pre-roll interleave field do?
  • Mid-rolls are defined using the Mid-roll timing field. For further details please see How to use the Mid-roll and Overlay timing fields.