What Are Sync Group Names?

The Sync Group Name field is an attribute that is used to aggregate ad campaigns (ad requests) that have the same name. Most commonly, this is used to prioritize VPAID ad requests that use shims.

Because multiple VPAID shim ad request can lower the performance of your player, the Sync Group Name field is used to prioritize only the highest CPM ad campaign within the sync group. That way, only one shim ad request is made instead of multiple ones that can potentially harm your players performance.

Which Entities Have the Sync Group Name Field?

The sync group name field appears in two main entities in the Vidible system:

Note: The following list is ordered by the entities hierarchy in the Vidible system.

  • Ad vendors - Represent third party ad services that provide ads for your players. Ad vendors are linked to Ad campaigns. Therefore all ad campaigns that are linked to an Ad vendor (that includes a Sync group name) will automatically inherit this definition.

For example: If I have three Ad campaigns that have an Empty Sync group name, seemingly all of them are not related. But if all three are linked to the same Ad vendor that has a sync group name called "Vids", then all of them will inherit the "Vids" sync group name.

  • Ad campaigns - Represents an ad request to an ad vendor with the goal of receiving an ad/s for your player. If either the Ad campaign itself or the linked Ad vendor has a Sync group name, the Ad campaign will include or inherit this definition.

For example: If I have two separate Ad campaigns that are linked to two different Ad vendors (that do not have a Sync group name attribute), but both of them share (at the Ad campaign level) the same sync group name "Vids" then both of these Ad campaigns will be aggregated and prioritized.

How the Sync Group Name Field Works

Each Ad campaign that has the same 'Sync Group Name' value will be aggregated and prioritized automatically according to the highest CPM. Think of the 'Sync Group Name' as the Sir name of the Ad campaign. They can either inherit this definition from their parent Ad vendor, or implement it on their own level.

Any Ad campaigns that share the same 'Sync Group Name' are aggregated together and prioritized. Only the Highest CPM Ad campaign will be run to retrieve ads.

Sync Group Name Uses

As mentioned before, the sync group name functionality is used most commonly to reduce multiple VPAID shim Ad campaigns, but the same function can be applied to Non-shim Ad campaigns for personal prioritization reasons.