Integrating with Yahoo ConnectID

With the eventual demise of third party cookies, ad sellers need a solution to bridge the identity gap while continuing to generate revenue. The Yahoo ConnectID is a cookieless solution that enables ad tech platforms to recognize and match users consistently across the open web. The ConnectID is built on top of our robust and proprietary Unified ID Graph. It delivers a higher audience find-rate on publishers’ sites while employing targeting that respects user privacy.

Sellers interested in increasing monetization on cookieless browsers must reach out to their Account Manager for details on ConnectID. Use of ConnectID does require a contract addendum.

Integration Methods

Sellers wanting to integrate with ConnectID must have a pixel ID. Contact your Account Manager to get a pixel ID.   Prerequisite
user ID functionality in Prebid

There are three integration methods. There is no advantage or disadvantage to either method, the choice is yours.