Quick Setup


The newest way for publishers to quickly create an App or Site placement on the Verizon Media SSP.

We streamlined the process of setting up apps and sites. Our new Quick Setup allows the 3rd party publisher partners that use our self-serve features to easily create an app or site with a new more intuitive UI.


  • Ease of use - Create a new app or site with the easy Quick Setup steps that scale on-boarding.
  • Self-serve - Get started quickly at any time of the day or night, in any of our globally supported locations, in just a few clicks.
  • Scale your business - publishers can scale the setup and integration process for all their web and app properties.

Partner services is available for additional support when needed.

Create an ad placement for your App or Site using these easy steps!

  1. Choose App or Site Type
  2. Enter a name for the App/Site and confirm the children’s privacy option.
  3. Choose an Ad Type

  4. Get the Integration IDs (App ID & Placement ID)
  5. Download and integrate the SDK (iOS or Android, Mobile Website or Desktop Website

Wasn't that easy! Now that you have a placement, monetize it.