ads.txt and seller.json for Publishers

Publishers identify themselves to DSPs as authorized sellers by including an ads.txt file on their inventory.

Verizon Media supports the industry-wide ads.txt initiative. We partner with both DSP's and supply sources to facilitate the enforcement of ads.txt files by our DSP partners.

Check out the Sellers.json in the Exchange quick reference.

What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt was created by the IAB to allow publishers to publicly declare the specific exchanges they work with in the digital advertising space. The goal of ads.txt is to improve transparency and decrease fraud revenue.

What is sellers.json?

Sellers.json is another IAB initiative working to improve trust and transparency within the ad ecosystem. It works hand in hand with ads.txt and supply chain object. Sellers.json is essentially the SSP or network’s version of an ads.txt file. The file includes the SSP’s publisher IDs, relationship (publisher, intermediary or both), publisher name & domain. Buyers check the sellers.json and ads.txt files to verify authorized inventory. Buyers are then able to see, through OpenRTB supply chain object, all the supply sources that are sending requests.

How is the ads.txt file formatted?

The format for ads.txt file is #< SSP/Exchange Domain >, < SellerAccountID >, < PaymentsType >, < TAGID >

#ads.txt file example, 12000, DIRECT #banner, US, 3679, DIRECT #video, US, 20459933223, DIRECT # banner, US, 25980889636, DIRECT # banner, CA, 4577, DIRECT #banner, app



What instructions does Verizon Media provide to publishers?

Step by step instructions for publishers can be found in the publisher's documentation section of our customer center.

How do I include Verizon Mediain my file?

To include Verizon Media in your file, publishers must include at least 3 of the 4 hosted mandatory fields inserted into the ads.txt file. Separate fields with a comma and each company must have its own line of code.

Field #1 - The domain you enter here depends on the platform being monetized.


ads.txt Domain

Sellers.json File

Verizon Media SSP

Verizon Media Video SSP

ONE by AOL: Display

Verizon Media SSP (BRXD), Gemini

Field #2 - Enter your Publisher ID (ID we assigned and you pass in the ad call). If you don’t know your ID or need help finding it, reach out to an Account Manager.

Field #3 - Enter the type of relationship.

  • Direct
  • Reseller

Field #4 - Optional, Verizon Media's TAG ID is e1a5b5b6e3255540.

What happens next?

DSPs actively crawl the web looking for ads.txt files and the data they contain. Our code appearing in the file confirms that the inventory is held by an authorized seller.

*Note: ads.txt file information applies to all Verizon Mediaplatforms, not just the SSP.


Still have questions? Check out the FAQs ads.txt and seller.json for Pubs or reach out to your account manager.