Payout Information

How do I get paid?

To set up an account, contact your Verizon Media Account Manager. Effective May 2020, banking information is no longer captured in our user interface. We now capture banking information through our secure supplier portal, Coupa.

Existing partners that wish to update their banking details should contact

When and how do I get paid?

Payment is made per net terms. Most vendors are paid within 60 days of month close activity, with some regional exceptions. Payouts are issued via paper check, EFT and Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Payout dates for International wire transfers

Payment is generated once the balance accumulated exceeds $250 USD*. The $250 minimum payout amount has been put in place due to the fees that banks may charge to accept this payment. Payment is made per net terms, when the minimum payment threshold is met.

Calendar Month


Cumulative Balance

Payout Due

Payout Date















Net Terms

*Japanese partners are on an exception of $25 USD minimum payment threshold.

How do I get paid from the partners participating in SSP?

SSP aggregates payments from all of the demand partners into a single payment which is paid out as described above.

What's the difference between earnings and payments?

Earnings are calculated monthly. They are the revenue that is accrued by participating in SSP.

What are my estimated earnings?

Estimated earnings are not finalized until the end of the month and will not necessarily reflect the amount you will be paid. To view estimated earnings, go to the Financials section and select estimated earnings to see the projected revenue of your recent account activity.

Why is the revenue displayed in my dashboard different from my payout?

The revenue amount may include duplicate ads, malicious behavior and other inconsistencies. The final payout amount has been determined after filtering out these discrepancies. Please note there may also be discrepancies between estimated earnings reporting and final payment due to currency conversions at the time of payment, and additional 3rd party reconciliations.

Where is my confirmation of payment?

Publishers should receive a partner statement with the final payment amount sent by our internal financial system within 30 days of month close. To update or request a statement recipient, email requesting to update the billing recipient email address. Payments are made per net terms.

Why has my account been suspended?

Managed accounts should contact your Account Manager. Self-serve users should email pubsuccess for support.