Ad Network Integration for Demand Partners

Information and requirements for demand partners to integrate with the Verizon Media SSP.

Summary of Demand Partner Ad Server Requirements

  • Ad Server request sent as HTTP GET or POST
  • Ad Response is valid XHTML
  • "No ad” is indicated by an empty response

Ad Request

Ad requests must be sent to the ad network over HTTP as either a GET (preferred) or POST. Requests can originate from either our servers or a device. A variety of parameters may also be included in the ad request, such as site/tag specific values, device information, user details, and unique identifiers. However, not all parameters are available on all requests.

HTTP headers can be forwarded on a server-side call as needed. Headers arrive directly from device initiated ad requests.


Ad Response

Ad responses are returned as code snippets that can be rendered in a web view. The markup is always XHTML compliant to ensure accurate display on mobile sites.


<a href=””> src=”image_path” alt=”ad”/></a>

More complex responses are acceptable (such as those containing tracking pixels) so long as the response remains XHTML compliant.

Note: XML and JSON responses are not supported.

"No Ad" Response

When “no ad” is available an HTTP 200 response with no body (i.e., an empty response) is returned.

SSL Requirements for Bidders

Read and learn more about the here.