Qualify for Ad Verification

The Verizon Media Ad Platform SSPknows we are sticklers about ad quality, and our customers appreciate it. Follow the guidelines below to ensure your creatives pass the Ad Verification process and are eligible to be published by the widest range of high-value publishers in our Marketplace.

Each new ad brought to auction must pass verification. For an ad to qualify for verification, the bid response must include properly formatted ad quality fields and be assigned IAB categories.

Creatives are processed within 2 business days of arrival, processing does not occur on weekends or holidays. View the status of your creatives using the Ad Verification tool. Creatives are classified into these status categories:

  • To Verify - our processing queue
  • Verified - creatives which have been processed and categorized successfully
  • Needs Help - creatives which need a second internal opinion before final classification can be made
  • Unverifiable - creatives that require additional information or action from the bidder to be verified

For more details, read about the Ad Verification Tool and how to use it.

Proper Ad Quality Fields Required

For a creative to qualify for Marketplace Ad Verification the bid response must include properly formatted fields: cid, crid, adomain and iurl.

All of the following fields are REQUIRED in all bid objects.

campaign_id (cid)

  • campaign_id should be the value used by the bidder to track and organize campaigns.
  • In many cases, there will be multiple creative_ids per campaign.
  • campaigns_ids and creative_ids should not be matched.

creative_id (crid)

  • creative_id should be the value used by the bidder to track and organize their creative.
  • Do not duplicate creatives by giving them unique creative_ids for multiple campaigns. This will clog the Ad Verification Tool.

adomain (adomain)

  • Adomain is the advertiser’s domain. The adomain submitted by a bidding agency should reflect the domain of the advertiser being represented.
  • For apps, it should be the domain of the advertiser (e.g. advertiser.com), NOT a link to the App Store.
  • The adomain should ONLY include a subdomain if it is relevant and the subdomain is not “www”. For example, the adomain should be advertiser.com, not www.advertiser.com, but subdomain.advertiser.com is preferred over advertiser.com, if relevant.
  • Adomain should NOT include the http:// or https://.
  • Do not include paths in the adomain (e.g. advertiser.com/subdomain).

image_url (iurl)

  • iurl should be either the actual creative image or a representative image.
  • iurl must not be a link to an html page and cannot be a generic placeholder image.
  • The iurl must represent the campaign to which it belongs.
  • In the case of rich media, the iurl should be a static image that represents the actual creative that will be served.

IAB Category Designation

The Verizon Media Ad Platform SSP uses the Ad Verification Tool to classify each individual creative per IAB Tier 2 content categories and to disallow advertising that falls into prohibited categories. See the article on Restricted Ad Content & Control for all the details.

Standard IAB categories are used along with the custom categories listed below.

Custom Categories

The Verizon Media Ad Platform SSPuses custom categories for categorization of advertising, in addition to the standard IAB designations. Custom categories begin with “NEX” and are sent alongside the IAB categories in “bcat”.

See the List of approved Custom Categories.