Deal ID and PMP Best Practices

The Deal ID allows DSPs and Bidders “preferred, first-look” access to Mobile Web and In-App ad inventory on the Verizon Media SSP. Use the Deal ID to specifically target inventory —drill down to publishers, sites, and placements or keep it open to larger aggregated package buys.

Select the inventory that converts and performs the best for each of your campaigns. Use one of our ready-made packages or request a custom package through your SSP Demand Services Manager.

Pre-created packages include but are not limited to:

  • Contextual Packages (Men’s Interest, Sports, Automotive, Shopping & Retail, Home & Garden)
  • Rules-Based Packages (High Completion Rate, 70%+ MOAT Viewability)
  • Video Packages (Interstitial, Pre-Roll)
  • Compliance Packages (LDA Compliant, Gambling / Tobacco Allowed)

Get Specific

Here is an example of a very specific inventory Deal that can be created:

Bidder A is not interested in general sports inventory. They are interested in ‘first-look’ access of inventory related to “TheScore” so they can target 18-49 year old males and MOAT Measurable Inventory.

Based on the desired transaction models and targeting restrictions, several permutations of Deal types can be created. Contact your SSP Demand Services Manager for a full list of all available Packages, Premium Publishers, or to view a full catalog of our Deal inventory.

SSP offers several transaction models when buying with a Deal ID:

  • Open Packages (or Platform Deals) - target groups of similar inventory, specific ad units, or specific publishers, sites, or placements. All DSPs integrated with RTB Spec 2.3+ for Mobile are eligible to buy in these packages. These are used to target specific inventory, but DSPs are given no preference or higher access to inventory. Open Package Transactions mirror those of the Open Exchange (2nd Price Auction, with no preference given to Bids in the Open Exchange versus Bids in the Open Package.)
  • Private Packages - similar to Open Packages, but the Package is reserved for either a specific DSP, a Seat ID, or a single Adomain. There are several types of Private Package transactions:
    • No Fixed Price - treated the same as an Open Package or the Open Exchange but has the advantage of targeting a specific DSP, Seat ID or Adomain. No access preference is given, however within that Deal, there is no competition from other Bidders and DSPs.
    • Fixed Price - have set Floor Prices (required for some DSPs). To win, the bid must be above the Deal Floor Price so the Bidder in this Deal has an advantage over those in the Open Exchange because price floor has been guaranteed. Not commonly used and reserved for cases when a minimum Floor Price is required by a Bidder.
    • Automated Guaranteed (AG) - gives immediate preference to a Bidder. A Bidder in an AG Deal is given first-look at an impression, before Buyers in a Fixed Rate Package, Open Package, or Open Exchange. Pricing for AG Deals are generally higher, as Bidders are willing to pay more for the ‘first look’. SSP has the ability to negotiate reduced pricing (often below floor rates) in exchange for guaranteed revenue. We can then use an AG Deal to override the Open Exchange Floors and win the bid.

Contact your Account Manager with questions about Transaction Models for Deals or which model may be right for your campaign.

Target Users and Devices

In addition to targeting specific inventory from the SSP, the Deal ID functionality allows you to buy inventory by select the users and devices. See below for some options to better target your campaigns.

Targeting Capabilities

  • Geo - Deal IDs can be made to target (or block) specific geographic locations. Globally, this works at a Country Level, and in the United States, Geo-Targeting can also be added by state. This allows Bidders to listen to just the inventory they are looking for in a given Deal without wasting excess QPS on inventory they would never bid on.
  • Operating System and Device Type - Deal IDs can be created to target (or block) specific devices (Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Motorola Droid Razr, Google Nexus 5, iPad, etc...) or Operating Systems / Ranges (iOS 5.0, iOS 10.1-10.3, Android 7.0+, etc…)
  • Age and Gender - The Verizon Ads SDK passes age and gender in the Bid Request, when permissions are requested by the SDK and users have included this information in an App. As such, Deals can be created based on User-Defined // SDK-Derived Age and Gender. Deals can target male or female, as well as pre-defined age groups (18-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50-64, 65+), or custom age ranges. Ideally, this can be used for Deals with Age / Gender / Demo Targeting, and our user data can be tested to align with vendors such as Nielsen and Comscore.
  • SDK Version - Deal IDs can be created to target specific legacy Oath SDK Versions as well as our latest Verizon Ads SDK. SDK targeting can more easily identify MOAT Measurable Inventory (SDK 6.3+), SDK-Enabled VPAID Video Inventory (SDK 6.3 through 6.8.1 Only), End-Card Enabled Video Inventory (SDK 6.0+), among other features.

When requesting a Deal ID for a new campaign, standard turnaround-time is less than 48 hours. To help expedite this process, please ensure that your Demand Services Manager has as much information as possible —Ad Formats, Ad Sizes, Targeting Options, Transaction Model, and Inventory for the Deal. If you are unsure about any of these requirements, please consult with your Demand Services Manager for guidance towards the best options for your campaign(s).