DSP Spec for Buying Digital Out of Home

Information, guidance and requirements for buying digital media for advertising on public screens.

What is DOOH

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) refers to media that is delivered on publicly accessible screens. These screens act like digital billboards and are found in airports or other transit (bus shelters, the subway) terminals, along highways, in grocery or convenience stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, malls, office buildings, and other areas. DOOH unlocks a new and unique source of inventory for advertisers.

Verizon Media’s Unified DOOH Solution

Our SSP is dedicated to bringing top tier DOOH inventory to our demand partners - whether that be a 3rd party or our own inventory. Our partnership and integration with the Verizon Digital Signage team offers publishers with DOOH inventory a single solution and workflow to host, manage, and stream their DOOH content. It also helps them monetize ad opportunities via our SSP and on your platform.

Bidder Configuration

Request your Account Manager to enable the Digital Out-of-Home Site Type in your Traffic Filters Configuration to receive bid requests from DOOH publishers.


DOOH publishers use Ad Sizes that may be unfamiliar and different from standard ad sizes on our SSP. Review the sizing restriction selected in your Ad Sizes Allowed filter. We recommend opening filters to allow 1920x1080 and 1080x1920 bid requests. A full list of sizes by partner is available from your Account Manager.

Impression Multiplier

The impression multiplier is a value, greater than zero (but can be less than one) passed on the bid request and is used to signify the number of likely viewers of a DOOH ad play. The floor price for a DOOH deal is actually the impression multiplier x the floor price. Bids must be updated based on the impression multiplier to meet the minimum, or they will be excluded from the auction. Utilizing the Impression Multiplier allows a truer valuation of DOOH inventory compared to a standard display or mobile buy.

The Impression Multiplier is passed in the DOOH Extension as an extension of the Device Object.






Value representing the number of expected viewers (delivered imps) of this ad.


(value > 0)

Impression Multiplier - Calculation

Many of our Publisher Partners work with 3rd party measurement companies (such as Geopath or Neilsen) to determine the Foot Traffic distribution for a particular screen and then calculate the appropriate Impression Multiplier. Some of our Publisher Partners also use beacon or camera technology to factor in actual Foot Traffic to the Impression Multiplier calculation. Some of our Publisher Partners leverage an Ad Platform solution utilizing our own and 3rd party data to measure and calculate the value. Verizon Media only partners with Publishers that are following industry standards for both measurement and calculation.

Impression Multiplier - Reporting

An additional metric has been introduced in our Reporting UI and Reporting API - Audience Impressions. Audience Impressions display the estimated number of users who have seen an ad play and factors in the Impression Multiplier value stated above.

We recommend that DSPs ingest the Impression Multiplier value passed as a part of the win notification to record and display Audience Impressions to your customers.

User Agents and Fraud Detection

To facilitate easier detection of DOOH Inventory, we and our Publisher partners have updated the user agents on the bid and impression request for easier identification. We understand that many partners may need to make changes to their Fraud Detection algorithms or processes to purchase this traffic.

A sample user agent (VerizonDigitalSignage/1.0) may be seen on the request.

Private Deals

DOOH Inventory may be curated into packages that contain one or more publishers that meet your clients' needs from a geographical, demographic, or user interest standpoint.

DOOH Inventory is currently available in the Open Auction from many of our Publisher Partners. Reach out to your Account Manager to request our active Deal Packages or have one created for you.

Sample Bid Request Snippet


To view a full sample bid request see RTB Bid Request Examples