Yahoo, DAA and IAB on CCPA

As a longstanding member of both the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Yahoo supports and leverages solutions developed by these trade association partners to fully comply with California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA requirements.


We support the DAA’s new CCPA opt-out tool enabling consumers in or from California (CA) to exercise their “Do Not Sell” rights through a consistent, recognizable system across digital properties. Any publisher that uses Yahoo for interest-based advertising activities should publish the required “CA Do Not Sell My Info” link on their digital properties and provide CA users the necessary notice of data collection. Where applicable, publishers should disclose Yahoo as a recipient of personal information for advertising purposes.

In addition to providing any required notice of data collection, a publisher that enables Yahoo to collect personal information directly through their digital property for interest-based advertising should provide users a link to the DAA CCPA industry opt-out page. See DAA provided guidance for publishers linking to their industry pages.


We support CCPA notice and choice signals via the IAB’s U.S. Privacy string for direct transfer of personal information to and from businesses and third-parties. A publisher that transfers personal information directly to Yahoo for interest-based advertising should provide their users a CCPA opt-out control and transmit to Yahoo any opt-outs. To help publishers transmit opt-outs, the IAB Tech Lab published a CCPA Compliance Framework.

If Yahoo receives a consumer’s CCPA opt-out, we will continue to perform limited processing for basic advertising purposes in accordance with the DAA principles (such as contextual advertising, measurement, and ad delivery and reporting). We also support the IAB’s Limited Service Provider relationship and process data we receive from companies who have signed the Limited Service Provider agreement, accordingly.

How do Publishers comply?

To satisfy Yahoo's partner requirements, publishers should take the following actions:

  1. Add the required "Do Not Sell" link and CCPA notice.
  2. Publishers who collect and transfer personal information for California based users must create a U.S. Privacy string and make it available to vendors (i.e., Yahoo) for each CA ad opportunity. Publishers may store the U.S. Privacy string using the IAB User Signal Mechanism.
  3. Publishers who enable Yahoo to collect personal information directly from their digital property for interest-based advertising should provide users a link to the DAA CCPA industry opt-out page.