Vendor Management

As part of your user consent experience, a user must be able to select the partners with whom they consent to share their data. Verizon Media’s CMP supports the pubvendors.json TCF spec which is used to edit the partner list displayed to users and allows for an on/off toggle within the consent UI.

Place a JSON file at the “.well-known” path on your site to inform the CMP which vendors you want displayed in the consent UI. The JSON file contains some vendor list metadata and a list of global vendor ID’s that the CMP will use to display individual vendor information and processing declarations in the consent UI. The file must be formatted according to the TCF pubvendors.json technical specifications.

pubvendors.json Generator

Use our vendor management tool to compile and generate a pubvendors.json file. Select vendors from the Global Vendor List dropdown. Click Add to add the vendors to the list that is used to generate the file. Once selections are completed, click the Generate Vendor List button to generate the JSON file. The file is automatically downloaded. To clear the vendor list, click Reset.

If the CMP cannot locate a pubvendors.json file in the “.well-known” path, the latest Global Vendor List will be loaded by the UI.